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Hi, and welcome! I'm Marie Grabo,  Interior Decorator and Infopreneur.

Do you believe in paying it forward? Well it just so happens that I do too!

I got started by helping my family and friends with their homes. I've always been really creative. I had a love for decorating even at an early age, read more about me here...  See my portfolio and more about me...

And now I want to help you with yours!

I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience, and show you all my  decorating tricks!


Here at you will find the best kept secrets to getting the best bang for your buck !

How to get that "decorator look" for less. That wow! factor that will make your guests drool!

Learn How A Beautiful Space Can Be Had On Any Budget!

This one was quite affordable!...

Wouldn't it be great to have a professional you can go to with questions before you buy so you can get an expert opinion, and know you're not wasting your time or money on things that may not be right for your space?

Imagine how you'll feel when you sink into your comfortable new room, look around, your eyes loving all your new changes! You just love spending more time at home now. You're even entertaining more.Your friends and family can't get over how you put it all together, how great it all looks.

You feel so relieved that your home is finally what you always dreamed it could be. You're proud you took the steps you needed to take to create this beautiful space that everybody loves!

Well, like I said it's my mission to get you there so from here on, consider me you're personal decorating diva, your online interior decorating guide, and personal source for unique furniture and accessories, ideas, and inspiration!

Show Me What You Want

I get such a thrill out of getting that high end look for less! And It just so happens that I will share the how and where of it with you!

You just show me any magazine picture of a gorgeous designer room, and I will provide you with the best, affordable matches to create the look. No charge of course! Use The form Below.

I am your "go to girl" and online decorating ideas and furnishings source!

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Learn how to choose the right paint color and color scheme... that you won't get sick of in a week?

How Long Has That Room Been Empty?
You're confused with what furniture to buy. Afraid of making an expensive mistake...Then there's the issue of how to arrange it all...

You'll find plenty of help here, and inspiration for furniture and accessories on every page. You'll be able to purchase your favorites right here at my unbelievable marked down prices...and more (Stay tuned for my Great Finds page.)

If you contact me, I may be able to get you an even better deal, so if you see something you like, check with me and I'll see if there is a special going on from my affiliates.

So Tell The Truth

How long have you lived without window treatments, or with ones you hate?

Learn how to measure for window treatments like the pros do, decorating ideas for those blank windows, and  more with my How To Window Treatment guide

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