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We took a look at how to create savvy fireplace mantel designs. Now let's take a look at fireplace tile designs. My living room fireplace just underwent a fireplace remodel.

Photo of my fireplace for fireplace tile desgns

I installed most of the fireplace tile myself the first two times, then later my friend/tile guy Chris stepped in to give me a hand. Questions I asked Chris...scroll down to view.

You can learn all about my diy tile dilemmas here at My Fireplace Remodel

It took a fair amount of research to decide on which tile fireplace surround to go with it. The fireplace is a focal point so I wanted to make it really stand out.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace it is always considered the most important focal point in a room, the only exception would be a great view. View trumps fireplace.You should make your fireplace something special. A great way to do that is to create stunning fireplace tile designs.

Fireplace tile designs should correlate with what you've got going on in the room and the rest of the home. If it does, it will create harmony in your home.

The fireplace tile you use can be anything you like, whether you choose ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite, marble, stone tile, glass...the options are endless, and mostly a matter of taste, and budget. If you are doing it yourself you may want to do a little research on the skill level needed to install certain fireplace tile.

For my fireplace remodel, I used ceramic fireplace tile. My fireplace tile designs I combed through hundreds of fireplace pictures to get inspiration and fireplace ideas for my new mantel. Once I had made that decision, I searched for fireplace tile designs that I liked and put all the ideas in my handy dandy fireplace file.

I chose ceramic cobalt blue 4 x 4 ceramic tile, and yellow and blue decorative tiles, which I purchased for a song! These tiles work best with the country style of my home.

I had some important questions I need answered before I could start my project so I asked my good friend Chris Parillo of Affordable Tile and Marble, North Haven, CT (203)821-1016

Ask Chris The Contractor

Fireplace tile designs

Diva: What size trowel do I need?
Chris:"Use a 1/8" v notch trowel for your 2x2 and 4x4 for your do it yourself tiling projects. For your lager 12x12's use 1/4" or 3/8" depending on the flatness of the surface. The more uneven the surface the larger the notch on the trowel should be, for example you would use 1/2" trowel for a basement floor".

Diva: What type of tile adhesive should I use?
Chris: "Use Mastic for lighter tiles and thin Set for heavier tiles."

Diva: Can I tile right over sheet rock?
Chris: "For wet areas you need to apply Durorock board."

Diva: Can I tile over brick?
Chris: "You can tile over brick as long as you skimcoat the area with Thinset first to create a smooth surface."

Diva: How should I start?
Chris: "Work from the center point out starting at the bottom first row. Make sure you use a straight edge to keep everything square and plumb."

Thanks Chris

Let's Look At Some Fireplace Photos

Fireplace tile designs by carpet tile .com

These mosaic tiles are beautiful. They come in an array of colors and can be mixed and matched with other tiles. Sometimes using a field tile that is neutral and larger in size, and then adding accent tile such as these mosaic tiles, or another decorative tile, you can keep the costs down significantly.

Notice how the fireplace hearth is tiled with a different tile pattern. I also love the color of these tiles. They add lots of "pretty" to the room! Photo

fireplace tile designs for mosaic tile

Here this designer used Carrera marble slabs. This look can also be achieved by using 12x12 marble tile for less the cost. And you can also get the same look using granite or glass larger tiles. Photo

picture from susan jablon for fireplace tile designs Beautiful glass mosaic tiles are used to create this stunning fireplace tile design from Susan Jablon Mosaics. Talk about a focal point! This picture probably doesn't even do it justice!

I saw a fireplace picture of the surround done with shells and pebbles. It was stunning! Sorry I couldn't find the design picture. It was in a home decorating magazine. If anyone know what I'm talking about and has the pic, please send it in. Actually, I'd love to post all unique fireplace tile designs here so please do send them in. you'll get bragging rights :) Here's how...< href="">click on this link to my interior decorating forum and fill out the simple form. No need to register or leave an email or anything like that. Just your name and some interior decorating pictures, and you're done. I'll do the rest. I'll make your fireplace design a special page so all of us will be drooling with inspiration! Photo courtesy:

fireplace tile designs by jeruzelum

This is one of my fireplace ideas! I love the border tile! I believe these are all hand painted. They are from Jerusalem So much prettier than just simple square tiles that you see. Photo courtesy: Jerusalem

Fireplace Tile Designs from American Ceramics

Doesn't this fireplace tile totally suite the fireplace mantel surround? Really nice work! This tile is from American Ceramics. Imagine just granite or marble instead. Wouldn't work half as well as the gorgeous tile here!

Fireplace Tile Designs from house to

This is sooo pretty!It's from House To If you've been around at all, you'll know I just adore cottage style design! I love all well done interior design, but I'm a water girl, so anything that reminds me of the shore really lights my fire, Or should I say fireplace:) and this one does it for me!

 Contemporary Fireplace Tile Designs

This a great fireplace tile design for a contemporary room or any room when you opt not to have a mantel. Granite, marble, or glass tiles would work beautifully for this kind of contemporary design as well. You could even do bands of the expensive accent tiles and alternate bands of less expensive field tiles to get a really contemporary look,the options are endless! All that is needed is is a little ingenuity. Step outside the box! Photo

fireplace tile designs featuring Hamilton Parker As you can see there are so many options for creating beautiful fireplace tile designs. The trend these days leans towards simple granite or marble slabs in new constructed homes, but many designers are pushing the envelope by using the fireplace surround as a great design opportunity just as you see in was older homes and in the 1900's.

Fireplace Tile Designs

I believe there is a place for granite and marble but if it suits the room, why not play up on this focal point opportunity and incorporate beautiful ceramic and glass tiles!

Fireplace Tile Design Fireplace Tile Designs Interior Design Picture

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