Foyer Decorating Ideas and Tips

These foyer decorating pictures, tips and ideas are meant to show you how you can make a great impression for your visitors and a perfect welcome home for yourself.

Since the foyer is the main entrance to your home, it is the first impression; therefore, it should be paid the same amount of attention as the other rooms in your home. Maybe even a little more.

Foyer decorating concepts aren't much different than your living room decorating, bedroom decorating, or any other room in your home. 

The foyer is the prelude of what's to come in your visitors eyes, so make it fabulous no matter how grand or humble it may be, just like in these gorgeous foyer decorating pictures

You should incorporate all the principals of interior design into this space, and dress it with care...

Establish focal points, just like in other rooms, with a great chandelier or fantastic foyer light, a beautiful accent table with stunning accessories, beautiful art or family pictures, a comfy bench or the pictures. Does your foyer say welcome?

A beautiful rug in the foyer is never a bad idea, especially if there are tall ceilings. A rug always helps to ground the space, make it warmer, and absorb sound. So a rug isn't just for looks, but for function as well. 

Your foyer lighting is important, and it's where most fail by choosing the wrong size foyer light, not the correct scale, for the space.

Coming up:The formula for choosing the correct size chandelier for your foyer

If you can fit a chair or bench, it's always a great idea to have one. It provides a nice place to sit and wait for a ride, or a place to take off your shoes , if you're not fortunate enough to have a mudroom,and it add style, too.

Be sure to create harmony and balance. Use pattern, repetition, contrast, and transition, and scale to create an interesting first impression in your foyer.

Remember your foyer is the first thing people will see when they enter your home, so make it wow!

Here's an article by me that was published in the Epoch Times: 

How To Make A Wow Statement In The Entry...

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How Big Should Your Foyer Light Be?

How to determine what the Foyer chandelier height should be: Determine the fixture's width: Measure the length and width of the area where the fixture will hang from and add the figures together. Total equals the fixture size in inches. (ex.,12' length plus 18' width area is 12 + 18 = 28, a 30" diameter chandelier would work best)

Fixture height: The higher the ceiling the taller the chandelier should be. Use 2 1/2"- 3" per ft of room height .ex,. If the ceiling is 10 feet high, a light fixture that is 25” to 30” in height is best.

Hanging height: 7' 6" from the floor to the bottom of the light fixture. 

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