Add character To Your Bathroom! Turn An Interesting Furniture Piece Into a Furniture Vanity Sink

One of the hottest trends in bathroom design today are furniture vanity sinks. They are gorgeous and functional! See my inspiration pic below...

Adding a vessel sink to a piece of furniture is quite the trend as well. I'll tell you later where to find a great selection of beautiful vessel sinks at Super Cheap prices!...

What a Great Way to Add Uniqueness and Character to a bathroom! It's easy! Just Transform a beautiful piece of furniture into a furniture vanity sink like I did! It will Look like you spent a fortune, but you didn't. I'll tell you my tricks...

Scroll down to learn how to do a quick restore for that old furniture finish. No Stripping Here :)

furniture vanity sink

You can buy a bathroom furniture vanity sink at a store and pay mucho dineros, or you can make your own furniture vanity from an antique dresser or table, even a desk and save a few bucks!

This Is How I Did My Furniture Vanity Sink...

I removed my old boxy bathroom cabinet. (way too chunky for my little powder room!) I could have put a pedestal sink in, but I really wanted to use a dark wood for my decor scheme.

I found an antique table on Craig's list that was the perfect height and size. It was only $10. Can You believe it? See my pic above.

Want To know where I shop for GREAT FURNITURE FINDS Jump to my Favorite Stores For Furniture page

My Quick Restore

The table needed some touching up so here is what I did to restore the finish:

#1 I scuffed it up a bit with some fine grade sandpaper.

#2 I bought a stain marker that matched the wood tone and touched up the scratches

#3 Lastly, I applied a couple of coats of polyurethaine. (I applied 3-4 coats to the top since I needed it to be waterproof and durable. Sand lightly between coats and let it cure for a couple of days.

Who has the best prices for vessel sinks, faucets, and undermount sinks?

EBAY hands down! I always buy my sinks and faucets there. I've had great luck. I usually purchase "new in box" and "buy it now" The difference in Ebay to retail is significant. I puchased my glass flower vessel sink for $50 brand new with the mounting ring included. I also got my faucet there for just $75.

Where To Start?

Comb the flee markets, antique shops, tag sales, and Craig's list for your special piece.

***Important facts to keep things in mind ***

Average vanity height with a recessed sink is 36"

Know sink height before you shop for furniture piece.

Sink height + furniture piece + counter top (if applicable, ex. marble,granite) = overall counter height.

Make sure faucet is tall enough for your sink.

If your sink has three faucet hles make sure you purchase a faucet with a spout and a seperate hot and cold (some are together as one unit. I made this mistake in my other bath!)

Middle drawer will be inoperable due to plumbing( applies if your furniture piece has drawers)

If you are using a table like I did then your plumbing will be exposed. You will need to purchase newer shiny piping. (inexpensive, found mine on EBAY as well) (My father -in-law put it all together for me.Thanks Again Dad!)

Putting It All Together

Installing the vessel to the table was easy!

I drilled two holes in my table using a hole saw bit but you can use a spade bit as well, for the sink drain and the faucet. (make the marks for where you want your faucet to be placed and another for the sink)...

Spade Bit

Spade Bit

Hole Saw Bit

Hole Saw Bit

If your surface is not level set your vessel on top of a mounting ring.

Disconnect your old pipes and Connect your new pipes and you're done!

A Furniture Vanity Sink Picture

Photos courtesy of:

Better homes and Garden Magazine

Coastal Living Magazine

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