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Is this your idea of a window treatment?

Don't Look At These Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments Unless Your Ready

To Rip Down Those Old Ratty Things You Call Curtains!

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Is this your idea of a window treatment?

Okay don't mean to sound so harsh but come on girls and boys! Take a look at what you have, then see the gorgeous ideas for interesting window treatments I've put together for you and tell me if yours come close!

If they do, then you must share some pics with us and help me to inspire my readers that don't have a clue! Send your window treatment photos and Your Questions Here You guys and diva's that don't have a clue? Don't feel bad! Most every home I've been to needed help in the window treatment department! Some didn't even have any! Except those that sought decorating help and those who's owners were creative souls that had a good eye and a strong sense of decor!

I'm called in 90% of the time to help give my clients ideas for interesting window treatments. And I'm doing the same for you!...

Heck even most of the design shows do a crappy job!(I'll tell you what they do wrong later)

Except Candice Olson and Sarah Richardson, who in my opinion (as I write this in early 2011) are the best on HGTV right now.

So really, don't feel bad, it's really hard to get windows right. Deciding on window treatments can be very challenging.

Why? There are so many options, they can be pricey, and it takes a trained eye and a good iron or steamer :)

Follow my tips to get some great ideas for interesting window treatments for your home...

Tips To Getting Window Treatments Right, Ideas for interesting window treatment pics...

Let's get started... browse the decorating pictures, find what you like, look for rooms and design style that are similar to yours and imagine that treatment in that room on those windows.

Try to imagine the concept in the colors that would complement your space as well as the fabric.

Closely look at professional treatments in magazines and websites,brochures, catalogs, hotels and stores.Inspiration is everywhere!

Ask yourself these questions before purchasing window treatments...

What style is your room?

For instance Traditional swags and jabots don't usually work well in a contemporary space so know what the general style of the room is: Traditional,modern,cottage, tropical...

What is the mood of the room?

Formal, casual, whimsical,juvenile, understated elegant, rustic. Do you want the room to feel light and airy, warm and moody, tropical, beachy, dramatic, simple and minimalistic...?

Do you need privacy?

Many times these answers will lead you to the right fabric choice.

You can always change the fabric to suit your room style, but it's so much easier to see what a treatment looks like. There are plenty of window treatment ideas books available so purchase a few, look through magazines, and come back here often to get new inspiration and help with your design decisions.

My e-zine and blog will keep you posted on what's new and when I add new ideas for interesting widow treatments so sign up on this page. Just click the RSS button on the nav bar and subscribe to my e-zine on the right and feel free to share it with your Facebook and Twitter... friends too!

What Do Even Some Professional Designers Do Wrong ?

• They don't use enough fabric panels on their drapery treatments!
I see so many people do this, even most of the designers on HGTV! You need to at least double the width of the window in fabric for medium fullness and triple it for a very full rich look especially if you are using sheers or a thin fabric.. If you don't do this and plan on drawing the drapes closed they will look flat and not gathered enough. (Don't the HGTV designers know this? It makes me cringe!)

If the window is 36" wide than you need to have drapery panels that total at least 72" but I personally always do 2.5 times the width, so I would have panels that measure 90" wide total.

• Here's is another mistake even some designers get wrong and always seem to do on the shows!
They don't line the drapes or shades! Don't they realize how cheap they look and how poorly they hang?!

If you don't buy lined drapes or have them lined they won't hang right and they will look amateurish!

• They don't iron or steam the drapes!
Curtains, shades and drapes look tacky with wrinkles in them. Have them steamed or iron them before you hang them.

• They use cheap looking rods!
If you want a professional look than use a significant rod. Make sure it fits in with the other elements in the room. If you have a lot of brass in the room don't use wrought iron rods. I try to match whats going on in the room. for instance if I've used a lot of geometric patterns in the room or if the curtains have a design, I will try to copy that in the finial of the rod I use.

Let's take a look at the window treatment photos below...

*About Choosing The Right Fabric

I find a lot of my fabric at JoAnn Fabric and Craft's.,
They have a huge selection of designer fabrics at really affordable prices! Their online store is terrific and their customer service is too! Here's a shortcut to them...CLICK HERE for

Here's a tip: I find the name of a really expensive fabric then I go there to find it for less (shh! our little secret:)

What These Designers Have Done Right!

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments beige pinch pleats

Can't you imagine taking nice long bubble baths here? Very elegant application of these sheer pinch pleats.

Shirred Pinch Pleats for ideas for interesting window treatments

This is a shirred or gathered valance, and what a great idea for a interesting window treatment isn't it? Totally a custom treatment! you won't find this in a store It adds such a richness and sophistication to the room. You wouldn't want to cover those pretty windows. Here the designer just highlighted them with this unique valance treatment. Beautiful!
Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments Swags and Jabots

What a great example of Swags and Jabots! The designer created such casual elegance in this tropical bedroom retreat. It's from the Sandals Beach Resort Catalog. Someone book me a flight!

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments orange swags and jabots

More Swags and Jabots from the Sandals Beach Resort Catalog-don't forget the sun screen!

This just goes to show how you can find inspiration anywhere. Just looking at hotel brochures and vacation catalogs can fill you with unexpected design ideas. I especially love looking at hotels and resorts for inspiration because these designers were meant to create a WOW factor.I find lots of unique ideas from them.

Cornice box -Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments

This is a great idea for a window treatment using a cornice box.

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments-Tie Backs

Taffeta fabric looks great tied back. Pretty treatment, isn't it! Just love the bold fabric color, don't you?...

more pretty tiebacks...

Ideas For Interesting Window TreatmentsFrom Sandals Resort Catalog

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments Striped silk pleats

I just love pinch pleats!

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments from Cafe Allegre

My husband and I celebrated our 12th anniversary here at Cafe Allegre in Madison CT. I just love both the food and the decor! These were great ideas for window treatments I thought so I went back when it was less crowded and snapped some pics to give you ideas and inspiration.

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments From Cafe Allegre

This designer did a great job and made a bold move using this formal treatment with informal furniture (see the pine ladderback chairs and tables...)but it works beautifully! She/he was able to create casual elegance by toning it down by painting the trim a color and keeping the wall sconces casual. The informal french print add to that notion,as do the bullion fringe trim on the shades, and the gilded frames and tone on tone wallpaper balance it out. I just love it! How about you? Send in a thought. Here's a view of the wallpaper and gilded framed artwork.

This treatment is made with a brocade fabric on the box pleated valance and a silk Austrian shade under valance.

If anyone knows who the designer is, do tell I'd love to give her/him credit. Let's Talk Decorating Forum

Ideas For Interesting Window Treatments At Restaurant In Madison Ct

My Hubby and celebrated our 12th anniversary at the beautiful Cafe Allegre (above). I hope there's going to be a 13th...need to stay away from the power tools :-)

More Great Ideas. for interesting window treatments..

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Design consult for interesting ideas for window treatments

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