Which Of These Room Color Schemes Are Right For You?

Wow! have I been a busy little diva! Putting my favorite room color schemes together wasn't an easy task, but I hope you will find them well worth my effort.

I've put together these room and color schemes for you by choosing my favorite fabrics as a jumping off point and then categorizing them interior decorating style, which is how I suggest you decide on choosing colors for your rooms too.

These color schemes will take the guesswork out of choosing paint color and choosing patterns that coordinate with different styles of interior decorating.

If you had me come to your home, I would help you add color to your rooms by coordinating room colors with different patterns that correlate to the decorating styles that you enjoy.

I would do this by determining color schemes that harmonize with the mood you want to achieve, your personality, and the room colors of the nearby rooms in your home.

Here are a few decorating tips and room color scheme inspirations that you can do yourself...

How You Can Create Harmony When Decorating With Color

You can paint every room in your home a different color, but if the colors are visible from one room to the next, I suggest creating a great room color scheme by choosing room colors that look good next to each other in order to create flow and harmony.

Also, to unite the rooms in your home to achieve harmony and flow, you can use carry over colors and patterns from one room to the next in different variations.

For instance, to unite a foyer with your living room, you can use colors from the the living room fabrics and add those colors into the foyer using accessories like a vase or area rug... Dining Room For Room Color Schemes You can use one hue and vary its intensity in different rooms, or opt for painting complementary colors in your rooms. A good example might be to use citrus colors throughout your home, or all neutrals...

Living Room color scheme The process of decorating with color is very similar to putting together a great outfit.

All the pieces you wear together should compliment each other. Adding pattern to a room is like adding the perfect scarf to your outfit to tie it all together.

The outfit you choose is determined by where you'll be wearing it, as well as how dressy or casual the occasion.

Begin by determining your interior decorating style, which will give you a direction for choosing patterns.

I recommend all my clients take this style quiz, so go ahead and do that now... Style Quiz I also determine how you want to feel in the room by the mood you'd like to create for it, and what the purpose of the room is.

Some colors are better suited to some rooms than others, go to Room Colors for more details on how to choose the right color according to mood and color meaning, but in short...

If you want the room to feel warm and cozy, I would look to warm tones, if you would like the room to feel larger and calm or serene, I would look to cool colors.

Of course no room need be strictly cool or strictly warm. In fact cool and warm colors can be mixed, and the right balance of both can make a room extremely interesting.

You should take into account your personality. Are you fun, lighthearted, sophisticated, conservative...? Your personality will help you determine how much color and pattern, and to what degree you'd be comfortable with.

Choosing Patterns And Color For Your Room

After you determine your design style, the mood you'd like to set for the room, and your personality, I suggest you pick out some great coordinating fabrics and match up a paint color to them.

For example, let's say you'd like to redo your bedroom, you have a high stressed job, and you'd like to feel relaxed and calm in your room but not austere or cold.

If you're looking for an inviting, comfortable, relaxing, bedroom to retire to after a long day.I would look towards the blues or greens.

If you enjoy a lot of color or drama, I would lean towards the brighter more saturated hues.

If you prefer a more subdued look, I lean towards the paler shades. I do the same for choosing fabrics... Bold or more subdued depending on you.

I, myself like lots of color. It makes me happy, but a client recently chose the most palest, ethereal blue for her bedroom, and I have to say, it's absolutely beautiful!

Her whole house is painted with very pale soft blues and greens. It feels like you're in a cloud! very pretty. My next home, I may have to change my color palette :-)

As you know now there is lots to consider! If you find yourself still stumped and indecisive, just go with one of the already coordinated room color schemes below.

If you feel you have a handle on it but are just looking for ideas, then use the room color schemes I've configured as a jumping off point and fancy them to suit you personally.

Contemporary And Traditional

I believe decorating styles fall into two main categories Contemporary, or Traditional. Every other style is just a sub category of these main two.

For instance, Tuscan style, Mediterranean, Old World, all are traditional based. It's the style of furniture pieces, the art and accessories that dictates the differences.

In some decor styles such as Shabby chic, and cottage, rustic, transitional... you will see elements of both traditional and contemporary design.

Even contemporary design can have touches of traditional, often by adding an antique piece or lighting.

These "new" Eclectic styles can be quite interesting and unique and really exemplify the personality of the decorator.

Note:My fabric selections will be from my favorite fab store: Joann Fabrics

Buy Your Fabric Here At Great Prices!

Hancock Fabrics Homepage

Here They Are! Room Color Schemes

These are a few of my favorite color schemes. I chose a gorgeous fabric, then I chose coordinated fabrics and paint colors which gave me the perfect room color schemes for all these different styles.

Cottage Style

Cottage style Room Color Schemes

These patterns are the perfect complement to cottage Style. The blues and yellows create the perfect balance of warm and cool hues to create that beachy cottage feel.

I love mixing and matching patterns and it's very common to see many patterns in cottage styles.

I love to use blues, yellows, and greens, with lots of white to create a cheerful, bright room. Start with a floral or detailed fabric, and build off of it, adding stripes, dots, and geometric patterns that complement it.

Use the floral on your drapes or an accent chair. If your bold enough, use it on the sofa. Choose another, perhaps the solid for your window treatments, and others for accents, like pillows.

What Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns Above?

Yellow-pale or deep yellow depending on your personality would work nicely, a marigold would be pretty.

Blue- many blues would work great with these pattens

White- a true, bright white would look great too!

Perfect Room Colors For These Patterns Below: lime green, white, or blue

Cottage Style Room Color Schemes

Traditional Style Room Color Schemes

Traditional Style Room Color Schemes

These traditional patterns create beautiful room color schemes. I've put together a few different options. Above, I fell in love with the burgundy and gold color palette.

Here, I'd choose this lovely floral for my window treatments, the brown and gold geometric on the sofa, one of the stripes on an accent chair, and the hounds-tooth and other stripe for pillows and accents.

The Best Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns Above: Pale gold, burgundy,brown.

Great Room Colors For These Patterns Below: I've pulled the turquoise out of this floral pattern below and added other patterns that coordinate.

The geometric lattice would make a great sofa, the stripes would make for great drapes or fabric shades, and the floral would look great for accent pieces.

Choosing A Wall color For These Patterns: A pale turquoise,a pale lime green, or cream.

Traditional Style Room Color Schemes

Contemporary Style Room Color Schemes

Contemporary Style Room Color Schemes

Here are those blue, greens, and whites again. This color scheme works great for a contemporary room.

Try the solid blue on the sofa, the circles on an accent chair, the large geometric for the window treatments, and the small geometric for accent pillows, sweet!

Paint Your Room With Any Of These Colors For These Patterns Above: for a super contemporary look go with a stark white for the wall color. A bright yellow would be nice, and you can't go wrong with any blue.

Country Style

Country Style Room Color Schemes

I would love to see this dynamite paisley on a sofa!, but if you're not that brave, go with the red dot for the sofa,the paisley on the windows or accent chair,the stripe on an accent chair, and the others for accents. or you decide, you can't mess up!

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: You can't go wrong with the yellows and sages for this country scheme.

Shabby Chic Style Room Color Schemes

Shabby Chic Style Room Color Schemes

To me, Shabby Chic style is about making what's old new again.

I visualize the patterns that go with this to have that timeworn feel that are romantic and feminine. Add some lace into the mix with a few painted or timeworn antiques.

Use the multi floral on the sofa, the larger floral on a chair, and the others for accents.

For your windows I would choose pretty lace sheers or even woven blinds to add an organic feel or both. Woven blinds with lace sheers on either side flanking the windows will look terrific!

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: a lemon yellow would be my first choice.

Nautical Style Room Color Schemes

Nautical Style Room Color Schemes

Who doesn't love Nautical style? I would choose a tan fabric (sorry not included, search Joann's) for the sofa, the stripes on a chair, the multi print on the drapes, and the others as accents.

Add some woven blinds, and brass pieces to kick up the nautical feel. Very Tommy Hilfiger!

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: Gold would be my first choice, blue my second, red third.

Tropical Style Room Color Schemes

Tropical Style Room Color Schemes

Looking at the fabrics makes me want to go to the Caribbean! Here, I'd go with the floral on the sofa, the geo on the drapes, and the stripe on a chair.

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: A pale green or sage

Tropical Style Room Color Schemes

I love the burgundy and gold color scheme of these gorgeous fabrics! Add brown to the mix to make it earthy. I can visualize a ratan sofa or chair with the floral on it. The pineapple fabric would make great pillows or drapes. throw in some rust or burgundy accents as well.

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: A pale green or sage, gold, pale yellow, chocolate brown.

Tropical Style Room Color Schemes

I love the freshness of the prints in the next two fabric room color schemes.

The stripe works so well with them and resembles bamboo. I would choose the tripe for a main furniture piece like a sofa or accent chair, and the print for drapes and or accent pillows.

I love the burgundy and gold color scheme of these gorgeous fabrics! Add brown to the mix to make it earthy.

I can visualize a ratan sofa or chair with the floral on it. The pineapple fabric would make great pillows or drapes. throw in some rust or burgundy accents as well.

Colors To Paint Your Room For These Patterns: fresh greens would work for both options.

Tropical Style Room Color Schemes

Go to Joann.com to view these fabrics, pricing, and more options at Joann.com. I've included the item numbers on the swatches. Just copy and paste them into the search box (numbers only)on Joann's home page or search Home Decorating Fabrics And Hardware.

If you decide to purchase and go through the Joann link at the end of the page, I will receive credit for it. Thank you so much! I hope you found this page helpful! As always, any questions, contact me, or my interior decorating forum,"Let's Talk Decorating"

Fabric at joann.com!

Looking For Custom Furniture?

The best way to really personalize your home is by adding the fabrics of your choice to your furniture pieces.

I always recommend that my clients go custom to get the best quality and personalization.

Shop around your local stores and discover what you like, then go online and search for something similar where you can add your custom options such as fabrics and legs, arms, feet (no not the real body parts:) )...

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