How To Choose The Perfect Room Colors Every Time!

Are you up in the air about what room colors to choose? If you're ready to choose your color scheme but not quite sure which paint colors would be best for you? Here's how I, your decorating diva:) chooses...

Different Colors For Different Rooms

I decide on which colors to use in a room based on the rooms purpose...

• Green, blue and purple work best in areas where you wish to relax, such as the bedroom, bathroom, or home office.
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• Warm tones tend to work well where you will be engaging in conversation and interacting with others, such as a family room or a dining room where you gather with friends and family for special occasions.

• Red is the most used wall color for a dining room. Because of its high energy, it's said to encourage appetite and conversation.

Most often warm colors aid in exciting the senses. Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange, and are a great choice when choosing living room colors.Room colors For Dining Room courtesy Of Photo Courtesy:

The kitchen is often a very lively room, a gathering place with lots of activity so I always opt for a bright, lively shade in this area such as yellow or red. Room colors for Kitchen Courtesy Of Houzz.comPhoto courtesy:
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My rule of thumb for choosing a kitchen color is to choose colors that foods have. There aren't many blue foods. It's been documented that food eaten on a blue plate is less appetizing.

I like to use a balance of warm and cool tones in my room color schemes. Choosing room colors For Foyer Complements Of Houzz.comPhoto courtesy:
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Following is a guide to room color based on how color affects your personality and overall mood.

Yellow: rejuvenating, energizing, uplifting, certain hues can create tension

A happy color, evoking feeling of sunshine and cheerfulness. Perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.People tend to lose their tempers in all yellow rooms and babies cry more, so if you do use it as a main color in a living area, use it only as an accent wall or above a chair rail or paneling to break it up.

Red: Stimulating to the senses, arousing

Red raises a rooms energy level. It is said to elevate blood pressure, speed respiration, and raise the heart rate. Red stimulates conversation and is perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, and living areas where people gather. It looks rich and elegant at night under lamp light. Avoid crimson which can evoke feelings of rage or hostility when in it for too long.

Blue: calming, relaxing, ethereal

It has the opposite effect as red. it brings down blood pressure and heart rate. It makes a room feel more open. some hues may need to be balanced with warmer tones to keep the space from feeling too cold.Perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bedroom Room Color courtesy Better Homes And GardensPhoto courtesy: Better Homes And Gardens

Green: Stabilizing, soothing,healing,relaxing, easiest on the eyes

Green is the easiest color for the eye to absorb so it's the most restful and relaxing color taking its cue from nature. It's perfect for any room especially bedrooms because it contains the restfulness of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow. Its very calming and has proven to reduce stress. In a living area it helps to unwind and add warmth. the more yellow in the green the warmer it becomes.

Orange: cheery, social, energizing, can create nervousness

Orange is highly energetic so you may not want to use it as the primary color in your living areas, but it's perfect for exercise rooms or perhaps an accent wall to add that wow factor to the room.

Purple: Comforting, safe, majestic, refined

Purple is dramatic, rich, and sophisticated. When the lighter hues are used like lavender or lilac it is as restful and calming as blue but has warmth as well.

White: A cool color,clean, sterile, crisp, fresh.

Black: A warm color, grounding,adds presence and weight, symbolizes strength and dominance.

Neutrals: Black,white,gray,Brown. Can be used by themselves to create an all neutral scheme. I usually always add color through accessories and art to keep the room from being too boring or add them to create depth. Black is great to ground a room. Using Black For Room colors Courtesy Of The Lennox.comPhoto courtesy: The

Try this trick to help you choose your room colors...

It's a trick I use for my clients all the time:

To choose a wall color the easy way, pull a color from an accessory or fabric you're using in the room...

like a rug, pillow,drapery pattern, bedding, or artwork. A great idea especially if you're worried about matching.

 Choosing room  colors for a room from a pattern

Many people choose their wall colors first, then they purchase the furnishings to match the room...

That's what I did for Brenda since she had already painted her room color...

Choosing room colors from a fabric you love

But I think it's so much easier to start with something you love and build off that.

How to Make A Room Feel Larger Or Smaller

• If you want your space to feel cozy and intimate, paint it a warm color...

• If your space is really large and you want it to feel more intimate, choose a warm room color.

• If you want the space to feel larger, cool room color schemes create a feeling of airiness, and relaxation.

Another way to choose a color that's pretty much fool proof...

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Here are some great articles on choosing room color... Go to my Design Insight page

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Pantone's Top Ten colors for Spring 2011

Pantone LLC is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® Name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

These are the top colors for spring 2011

HONEYSUCKLE PANTONE 18-2120- a feel-good flirtatious, playful color.

REGATTA PANTONE 18-4039- has a cooling calming appeal

CORAL ROSE PANTONE 16-1349-Bright, exotic, springlike, eye-opening.

BEESWAX PANTONE 14-0941-a beautiful yellow that makes you think of honey.

PEAPOD PANTONE 14-6324-green works well as a neutral, signifies new beginning and spring time.

BLUE CURACAO PANTONE 15-4825- A close neighbor to turquoise,a color people really respond to.

RUSSET PANTONE 18-1235-has a slightly peachy tone, works well with different skin tones.

SILVER PEONY PANTONE 12-1206-Ethereal and peachy, romantic LAVENDER PANTONE 15-3817-Purple is the most creative color, artistic.

LAVENDER PANTONE 15-3817-Artistic and creative

SILVER CLOUD PANTONE 15-4502-a quintessential classic neutral that is practical, dependable and works well used as a background color too.

Pantone's spring colors for help choosing room colors

For more information visit Pantone at

Choosing Wall Colors

READ THE PROOF! Colors Affect Mood and Creativity!


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